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Top 10 practical things to consider when photographing jewelry

 1.) Pay attention to the prep

Before beginning your shoot, make sure you pay sufficient attention to preparing your jewelry, from ensuring everything is polished and clean to looking out for imperfections and inconsistencies.


Jewelry Photography: hand holding diamond bracelet.

2.) Keep the shooting and cropping style consistent

All your images should be shot from a similar distance so that when it comes to post-production and cropping, you can keep the area around the jewelry consistent across all the shots.

3.) Keep it simple

Try to keep the focus on the jewelry itself and stay away from any distractions. Which means avoiding unnecessary props or jewelry stands and aiming to shoot the core image set against a white background. This doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with supplementary lifestyle images to build a story, but your core sales images should be the priority.

4.) Try shooting 360

A growing trend in product photography, jewelry lends itself very well to 360 photography. It’s small, it’s detailed and it can be viewed easily from each and every angle. If you have the time and budget, try shooting 360 and watch your conversions skyrocket.

5.) Watch for reflections

Depending on what type of jewelry you’re shooting, one common flaw happens over and over again. While you’re aiming to show off how lovely and shiny the jewelry is, the reflection always gets in the way. Fear not! There are many photography hacks to help you avoid reflections, one of which is using a double lighting setup and diffusing the light.

6.) Get the white balance right

White balance is easy to master, but many people continue to struggle with the concept. Shooting jewelry on the wrong white balance will result in unattractive color inconsistencies, such as orangey hues. Either shoot on auto or make sure your white balance settings are in line with your lighting conditions.

7.) Aim to keep everything in focus

Although the creative application of depth of field can work really well for some types of photography, when shooting jewelry, it’s best to stick to a high aperture to keep all parts of the jewelry crisp and clear to avoid distracting the customer’s eye.

8.) Capture the detail

Jewelry is all about detail. Whether it’s the type of metal used, the gemstone or more practical details such as the clasp, make sure you collate a shoot list of all the key details from each article of jewelry so nothing is missed during the shoot.

9.) Avoid shadows

Manipulate your lighting setup, whether studio or natural light, to minimize shadows and get a crisp, clean white background.

10.) Combine simplicity with creativity

You’ll notice a theme running through this article: Simplicity. It’s important in all forms of product photography but particularly jewelry photography (as jewelry is often packed with detail) to keep things as simple as possible. Remember, the center of attention should be the jewelry. That means including as few distractions as possible. That being said, as a supplement to your white background product photography, you do have room to get creative.

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