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Oval cut diamonds

Grant says: “The most recent stand out diamond shape has definitely been the oval, and it is predicted to continue to gain popularity in the year ahead.

Serena Williams, Blake Lively Ashley Greene, and Kirsten Dunst have all been spotted showing off their oval diamond engagement rings.”


Rose gold

Rose gold isn’t just popular on Instagram – it’s also a big hit when it comes to engagement rings.

“When it comes to choosing a metal for an engagement ring, the most popular traditional choices have been white/yellow gold and platinum.

Other options have never been widely popular, but recently rose gold has gained popularity and I see it being a big contender in 2018 and beyond.”


Three stone rings

He adds: “Three stones rings have been around for a number of decades, but they are slated to make a massive comeback this year due to some recent high-profile engagements such as Meghan Markle, causing their popularity to increase significantly in the last few months.”


Pear shaped diamonds

While the oval cut is a trend on the more classic side, pear-cut rings are totally modern and fashion-forward for 2018 engagement ring trends. This option is perfect for the trendsetting bride who wants a standout ring to match her everyday style.


Sandcast rings

A favourite for 2018 here at Wedding Rings Direct is definitely this sandcast engagement ring. The metal is cast in sand in this organic design and so the unique way of making this ring means no ring will be the same as another one.

Now more than ever, Tacorian says she’s noticing brides-to-be getting more and more adventurous when it comes to choosing intricate bands. Forget your plain metal band—these days, it’s all about detailed jeweled patterns, mesh-like finishes, and twisted milgrain beading. Some of our favorite stacking pairings? What we like to call a “power stack,” aka layering together a few big diamond-intense bands; a “stackback,” aka stacking a different style or metal-color wedding band in between the matching engagement ring and wedding band; and a “twin stack,” aka two of the same-style bands on each side of your engagement ring.

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